SGNMT is an open-source framework for neural machine translation (NMT). The tool provides a flexible platform which allows pairing NMT with various other models such as language models, length models, or bag2seq models. It supports rescoring both n-best lists and lattice rescoring. A wide variety of search strategies is available for complex decoding problems. SGNMT is compatible with Blocks/Theano and TensorFlow.


For example, NMT decoding can be started with this command:

$ python --predictors nmt --src_test sentences.txt

where sentences.txt is a plain (indexed) text file with sentences. Rescoring OpenFST lattices with NMT is also straight-forward:

$ python --predictors nmt,fst --fst_path lattices/%d.fst --src_test sentences.txt

See the Tutorial for more examples.


  • Syntactically guided neural machine translation (NMT lattice rescoring)
  • NMT support for Blocks/Theano and TensorFlow
  • n-best list rescoring with NMT
  • Integrating external n-gram posterior probabilities used in MBR
  • Ensemble NMT decoding
  • Forced NMT decoding
  • Integrating language models (Kneser-Ney, NPLM, RNNLM)
  • Different search algorithms (beam, A*, depth first search, greedy...)
  • Target sentence length modelling
  • NMT training with options for reshuffling and fixing word embeddings
  • Bag2Sequence models and decoding algorithms
  • Custom distributed word representations
  • Joint decoding with word- and subword/character-level models
  • Hypothesis recombination
  • Heuristic search
  • Neural word alignment
  • ...


The project is licensed under the Apache 2 license.

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